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On ubuntu install

  • qjackctl (Controlling jack)
  • qsynth (software synthesize with fluid-synth as backend)
  • rosegarden (MIDI sequencer program)

compiling 'vocoder'

For compiling 'vocoder' install

  • gcc compile environment
  • fluid (for compiling widgets)
  • libjack-dev or libjackd2-dev
  • libsndfile1-dev
  • download vocoder
  • tar xvzf vocoder-jack-0.29.tar.gz
  • cd vocoder
  • make

Setup and run

  • connect a microphone
  • click 'setup' on qjackctl to setup correct input and output audio devices
  • run rosegarden
  • run qsynth
  • setup rosegarden to play midi files on qsynth
  • after testing disconnect qsynth output from system input
  • run vocoder
  • connect vocoder output to system input
  • connect a qsynth output to vocoder 'carrier' input
  • connect a system capture output to vocoder 'formant' input
  • start midi file on rosegarden and speak into mike