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My alias Zeno4Ever, my real name is Dave Borghuis.

From young age i was always interested in computers, starting with the Commodore 64 and later the Amiga. I also started the first Amiga computerclub in Oldenzaal (ACCO from 1989 till 1991).

I always like to visit events that had to do with computers, i have been to many HCC conventions, Amiga conventions in Köln (Germany) and the HIP,HAL,HAR eth0 summer camps.

After my visit of the eth0 summer 2010 I get to know makerspaces and fablab truck and thought why is this not in Twente. So I decided to create a makerspace and you see the results of this here.

Right now I am the active member in TkkrLab Foundation and organize many things.

If you want to contact me at e-Mail: dave

I am also mostly online on the irc of Tkkrlab (freenode, #tkkrlab, user zeno4ever)

Initiator of

For the following initiatives i was involved in starting one way or other



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  Project Name Project Status
18Ghz Frequency counter 18Ghz frequency counter {{{Status}}}
1D-PONG 1D Pong Finished
3D printer cheat sheet 3D printer cheatsheet In progress
ArduSat ArduSat emulation Active
Arduino Radar Arduino Radar 100% finished
Atxmega Atxmega {{{Status}}}
Big CNC machine Big CNC machine Actief
Commodore64 VT100 Emulator Commodore64 VT100 Emulator Active
Deurbel Deurbel {{{Status}}}
Dobbelsteen Dobbelsteen kit {{{Status}}}
Dooraccess - ondernemersnetwerkbieb Door access business network {{{Status}}}
EspLight EspLight in progress
EtherLight EtherLight 99.9% finished
Game Boy Ram Write and Read with Arduino Game boy Ram read and Write by arduino {{{Status}}}
LaOS Laser cutter LaOS Lasercutter {{{Status}}}
Ledboard Ledboard {{{Status}}}
Network Flashing light Network Flashing Light {{{Status}}}
OpenROV OpenROV Investigating availability of parts
Pixelmatrix Pixelmatrix 99.9% finished
Power on delay relay Power on delay relay board 100% finished
Tube Socket Print your Tube Socket Need more documentation
Quadcopter Quadcopter In progress
Single shot 2X relays Single shot 2X relay board 100% finished
Snes Controller Emulator Snes Controller Emulator {{{Status}}}
TapeDelay Tape Delay/Echo WIP but working
Tkkrduck Tkkrduck 100% finished
Tkkrlab Token Ring Network Tkkrlab Token Ring Network Being designed
Tkkrlight Tkkrlight {{{Status}}}
Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil WIP
ValveAmplifier Valve Amplifier Finished
Voltage Inverter Low to High Voltage Inverter for use in vacuum tube designs Work in progress
Wiimote Multi-touch Whiteboard Wiimote Multi-touch Whiteboard {{{Status}}}
XBOX 360 RF Module XBOX 360 RF Module (reverse engineering) {{{Status}}}
Cnc machine cnc machine Actief
Ledmatrix-clock ledmatrix clock finished
Litecoin mining litecoin mining {{{Status}}}
Tkkrspace freesmachine tkkrspace freesmachine {{{Status}}}