Hier vindt u projectlogs van een deel van de projecten die onze deelnemers de afgelopen tijd hebben uitgevoerd.

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FireBerry: The digital fireplace sporting a RaspBerry Pi

FireBerry The digital fireplace sporting a RaspBerry Pi Materials used IKEA BISSA black shoe cabinet Thrifted 17” EIZO monitor (model tba) Black acrylic paint Four pre-drilled aluminum L-hooks Unbranded deco fireplace Raspberry Pi, with black casing MicroSD 10 speed card DVI to HDMI cable Mini-jack to mini-jack cable Black outlet strip with on/off button Copper kitchen cabinet handle Construction Long ago, in 2016, the deco fireplace was given to me by a friend.
TkkrLab lasercutter: Troubles and revelations with a lasercutter

TkkrLab lasercutter: Troubles and revelations with a lasercutter

TkkrLab laser cutter Index Intro Laser cutting Basic technical information Program interface options Visicut to send a job Inkscape to prepare a job Maintenance Lens cleaning Mirror cleaning Mirror calibration Lubrication cut perimeter Replacement parts Laser mirror Laser lens Laser tube Intro At some point TkkrLab invested in a lasercutter to make more projects possible, the choice fell on a CW3040 lasercutter.
CyberSCART: the IoT SCART switcher

CyberSCART: the IoT SCART switcher

We connected our SCART switcher to our home automation system using MQTT using an ESP8266. The SCART switcher The SCART switcher we used is a MODEL 2083E unit from a thrift store. It has four inputs and one output and can be controlled using a button on the front of the unit and using an IR remote. After opening it up we noticed that the device uses three HCF4051BE analog switchers to select the inputs for both audio (left and right) and video.


TkkrLab heeft een eigen systeem voor het afrekenen van eten en drinken wat in de space verkrijgbaar is. Dit is een webapplicatie geschreven in Python met het Django-framework. Members kunnen met hun iButton afrekenen, en bezoekers kunnen hun naam selecteren.

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