The space

The hackerspace (lounge)

TkkrLab is a hackerspace, a physical place where nerds gather for a chat about all kind of (technical) topics. All the gear in the space is collected by the participants, TkkrLab is 100% a place for and by geeks : together we create our space.

You can find everything what you as hacker will (geek / hobbyist / programmer / electro engineer or ‘beunhaas’, whatever you want to call yourself) need and more.


We have big tables where you can work at. If you want to relax we have a seating area where you can play a (retro) game and enjoy a bottle of Club-Mate. For more technical activities we have a fully equipped ESD safe electro workplace. We have tools and equipment so you can start building with your prototypes.


If you are more creative or you want a make a box for your project we have several 3D printers suitable for PLA, PET or ABS. Use of the equipment is free of charge, you only pay for the used materials.

If you want to use a tool you can get instructions of other participants, after this you can use the tools at your own pace. You don’t have to worry about the time needed or other factors.

If your are a member you will get your own samla box where you can safely leave your projects at TkkrLab.

Interested? You can see if we are open on the top right of this website.

If you want to become participant you will get your own key and can access TkkrLab 24/7. Also see our house rules for more details.


We have gathered nice number of tools, as participant you can use these free of charge. For non members you can use these for a small charge.

De makerspace (workplace)

Besides the hackerspace, where you can work quietly, we also have a place where you can work the noisily / messy tools.

Our workplace have a laser cutter, CNC frees, saw table, drill press, hand tools and more.

As participant you get 24/7 access to the workplace, you only have to pay the used materials.

![werkplaats](/images/werkplaats marssteden 2 web.jpeg)