Participant of multiple hackerspaces

As of April 1, 2018, Tkkrlab offers special rates for people who are already members or participants at another Dutch hackerspace. In this way, we want to encourage people to get involved in multiple hackerspaces, without causing too much of a financial burden.


  • You are paying at least 1 other hackerspace a minimum of € 25 per month.
  • You are a full participant in the other hackerspace(s) (so no “friend of” or “junior participant” constructions).
  • The other hackerspace(s) fall within our definition of “hackerspace”. See below.
  • We assume your honesty and that you keep us informed of relevant changes.
  • The board has the right to terminate this discount construction without prior notice. (Of course you can always cancel your participation.)

You must request the discount yourself when registering, or afterwards via the board. State which space is your primary space (i.e. where you pay ≥ 25 €/month), and possibly which is your secondary space. The discount then applies from the next calendar month.

Price of multi-membership:

Rate type €/maand
Regular membership (from 18 years old) 32,00
TkkrLab as 2nd hackerspace 19,84
TkkrLab as 3rd or higher hackerspace 13,37

Definition of “hackerspace” (or “makerspace”)

Our definition of a space includes:

  • The organization consistently refers to itself as “hackerspace” or “makerspace”.
  • The hackerspace has its own space (which may be sublet for a few days a week to other fun initiatives).
  • Participants can enter 24/7 (or almost 24/7) with their own key.
  • The space is managed by a foundation or association registered with the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Participation is in principle open to all interested parties.

Is your hackerspace eligible, but not yet on the list? Contact the board of TkkrLab!

The following hackerspaces are eligible:

Note: The other space doesn’t have to offer a similar build to get the discount from TkkrLab, but we hope other spaces will join. Each space can of course determine for itself which conditions they set in order to qualify for a discount.

The following hackerspaces are currently participating in this construction: