1. Sleeping in the space is not allowed
  2. Entering the TkkrLab space is entirely at your own risk
  3. Respect other people’s things
  4. All the stuff you leave in the space must be correctly labeled, otherwise any member may use it
  5. If nothing has been done with a project for 28 days, it becomes the property of the foundation (To prevent TkkrLab from becoming a dumping ground for old stuff).
  6. No use of hard drugs, soft drugs or other prohibited substances
  7. The (electronic) key you get as a member is for personal use only and may not be lent to third parties
  8. Smoking is not allowed except for in the designated smoking area (outside)
  9. Illegal acts are also prohibited at TkkrLab
  10. Tools from TkkrLab may not be taken outside of the space or workshop
  11. Clean up your stuff and clutter (when you are done with it)!
  12. The instructions of the board must be followed immediately
  13. In case of uncertainty, the board decides
  14. Use of equipment is at your own risk
  15. Building projects “for world domination” is not allowed
  16. Working with hazardous substances may only be done with permission from the board
  17. When participants are found to be in possession of drugs and / or weapons, their membership will be immediately terminated and the police will be notified
  18. Every participant should know the house rules
  19. Be polite and civilized at all times
  20. A participant who brings a guest is responsible for his / her behavior and is obliged to ensure that he / she also complies with the rules
  21. Before taking a picture of others, you must have their permission, except during events
  22. The organization is not liable for any injury, material and / or immaterial damage
  23. You are obliged to follow the safety regulations
  24. Special tools requiring instructions may not be used without training
  25. Special tools with safety concerns may only be used if at least two people are in the room
  26. House rules can be changed by the board at any time
  27. Football may not be watched in the TkkrLab room (with the exception of robot football)
  28. Only royalty-free music may be played in the room
  29. When one registers as a participant and confirms to have read these rules, then the one registering must have indeed read these rules. If not, the participant is expected to treat the other members with a cake on the next visit
  30. Pets are not allowed, with the exception of officially registered assistance animals

And just to be extra clear

If you leave things in the TkkrLab then know that this is at your own risk. You cannot hold the board liable for damage and / or loss of your belongings.