Become participant

Of course you can always visit us. But if you know us, come regularly and want to use the facilities in the Tkkrlab, we ask you to become a participant.

All participants are equal in their rights and obligations, so the board of Tkkrlab perform the same tasks as every other participant.

The Tkkrlab foundation ensures that the space is maintained: the foundation pays the rent and takes care of the interior. Participants can make use of the Tkkrlab benefits in exchange for their monthly contribution.

What do you get as a participant from the Tkkrlab

  • 24/7 access to the space.
  • Your own (Samla) bin so you can keep your belongings in the space.
  • Member prices for consumables (for laser & 3d printer) and consumptions.
  • Free use of small electronic components (resistors, capacitors, etc.)
  • Using our lasercutter, CNC, 3d pinter, reflow oven and other tools.
  • Access to our space WiFi and internal network.


The Tkkrlab foundation incurs costs for, among other things, the rent of the space and the purchase of tools and other tools. To ensure that Tkkrlab can cover these costs, we have set fixed amounts for membership.

Type of participantParticipant contribution (per month)
Normal€ 30,-
Student€ 15,-
Junior (<18 jaar)€ 15,-

If you want to become a participant but don’t have the means, please contact the board, we may be able to arrange something.

If you are already a member of 1 or more spaces, you can use the [multi-participant discount] (/multi-participant/).

More details about the different participant forms are given below.


If you are invited by someone or you just want to come by and have a look, you are always welcome and you do not have to pay anything.

Normal participant

A normal participant pays € 30 per month.


For all students (on presentation of a student card or other proof that you are at school / are a student) the participant contribution is € 15 per month.

Junior participant

For people under 18 the monthly contribution is € 15, -

Young people under the age of 16 may only be present in the space when accompanied by a person who is responsible for them. This junior participant will only receive a key for the bar.

For junior participants who are 16 years of age or older, it is also possible to obtain a key with which access to the Tkkrlab can be obtained when another (adult) participant is already present. For this it is necessary that the parent (s) of the junior participant have visited the space to give written permission. In addition, there should be no objections from the board. Further exceptions, such as full access with a private key, can be discussed in consultation with the board.

How do you become a participant?

Visit Tkkrlab at least a few times to get to know us (and we you of course).

Then sign up using the following steps:

  • Come by at a few times, so we get to know you and for you to see if Tkkrlab is right for you.
  • Read the House Rules .
  • Fill in [this] ( form. With this you commit yourself to paying the participant’s contribution.
  • After checking your details, you will receive a confirmation (verbally, via email or in another way) that you have become a member of the Tkkrlab. If this is not done within a week, ask one of the board members what the status is.
  • Create an automatic payment for the 1st of each month to our bank account NL57ABNA0408886641 attn Stichting Tkkrlab.
  • Optional: Subscribe to the General newsletter (also for external people) Newsletter. If you want to stay informed about other hackerspaces, register at [general] (


If you want to cancel, send an email to The cancellation will then take effect immediately, provided all your payment obligations have been met. If you have payment arrears, you must first pay this, in addition, your bar balance may not be negative. The key must also be handed in.

Sponsors & Donations

If you want to make a one-off donation to us (anonymously if desired), please contact [contact the board] ( for more information.