CyberSaturday Hardware Hacking for the absolute beginner

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Jilles Groenendijk
Photo by d.vanzuijlekom

Hardware Hacking for the absolute beginner - Jilles Groenendijk

In this Hardware Hacking Workshop for the absolute beginner Jilles will tell you about the challenges in hardware security and teach you how to identify the different components of a device.

The different ways you can attack hardware and will he will even show you protocols on ‘0’ and ‘1’ level. All in his humorous style and no no-nonsense attitude. Spending 20 euro will get you very far according to Jilles and most participants will run to the thrift shop to get their hands dirty!

At the end of the lecture is a small CTF where you can experience what you have just learned.

Don’t miss this.

Workshop Duration: 3 - 3.5 hours

The interactive part requires a web browser

About Jilles Groenendijk

Jilles Groenendijk is a Hardware Hacker that works for Deloitte in The Netherlands. He learned his way around by tearing apart devices ever since he was a little boy.

“I like to figure out how stuff works” is what drives him.

He has been teaching science and technology to children in elementary school. His lectures and workshop are aimed for both adults and children;

“Inspire the people and get them kickstarted”

Last year he started an interactive livestream where a telephone was created, communication via laserbeams, and he turned domotic sensors into a high sensitive alarm system.

Jilles gave an interview for Cyberhelden , podcast about the greatest cyberheros of the Netherlands

When : ??

Where : TkkrLab, Marssteden 98, Enschede and online livestream via our youtube channel

Cost : free, reserve your ticket in our ticket shop

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CyberSaturday is a monthly event with TkkrLab, see our agenda for the full program.

This event is made possible in part by Creative incubator Twente.

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