CyberSaturday SMD for terrified beginners door Kliment Yanev

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20 November form 14:00 - 16:00

SMD for terrified beginners by Kliment Yanev

In the workshop “SMD for terrified beginners” everyone can learn to solder SMD components, no experience required! Almost all modern electronics are made with SMD (service mounted devices), components that are soldered directly onto the circuit boards. In this workshop you will learn some practical techniques on how to solder the smallest SMD parts yourself. For this you use the SMD kit (costs €20) where you learn to solder the components yourself. If you’ve done everything right, you’ll have a purring cat that you can take home.

About Kliment

Kliment is an electronics and robotics developer with extensive experience in the field of open source 3d printing and open hardware. He does custom electronics development, taking projects from idea to prototype. Open source work in the field of 3d printing (electronics, software and mechanical work) and medical hardware.

This workshop will be given in English.

When : Zaterdag 20 November 2021 14:00-16:00

Cost : €20 per person for the solder kit.

Ticket : Reserve ticket on our ticketsite.

Where : TkkrLab, Marssteden 98, Enschede

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CyberSaturday is een maandelijkse evenement bij TkkrLab, zie onze agenda voor het volledige programma

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