X-Mas is coming…

Cyber Santa
As Cyber Santa, I'd like to say "Ho ho ho!"
And wish you a very Merry Xmas, you know
Keep your passwords strong
And your firewalls on
And have a fantastic holiday, from Cyber Santa, with love!
--- chatGTP 

The above is all generated with AI’s. The text with chatGTP and the image with Midjourney. What a amazing world where we live in.

How we created these

First, I took chatGTP and created a fictional character called “Cyber Santa”, an expert in cyber security. I asked chatGTP to write a limerich.

We used Midjourney for the picture, prompt here was :

Santa Claus, hyper detailed, ultra realistic, 8k, full body view, wearing a yellow suit with a fluffy white beard, a hat, and black boots. Carry tablet to keep track of who's been good in the world of cybersecurity.

Lucky (?), not everything can be replaced by AI. We had to hang the decoration ourselves.

portal turret ready for x-mas

And participant batman created a #whamageddon sound device.